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iServe v2 is out

Clearly we have not managed to continuously refresh this site with news of our latest work. The reason for this is that we have been real busy doing loads of improvements and new research as opposed to the what the lack of posts could suggest.

Today we are happy to release all such changes as part of our iServe v2 release. We won’t go into the details of each and everyone of them and would rather highlight the main ones:

  • The whole software has been re-engineered for simplicity, extensibility and performance.
  • Discovery algorithms have been refined and fine tuned providing now high-performance discovery able to even support composition on the fly with milliseconds response time in plain desktop computers.
  • A new Linked Data API and GUI are now provided based on ELDA
  • We now provide better support for different RDF stores enabling also dealing with engines that do not directly support reasoning.
  • Better support for Web APIs, with the most notable inclusion of support for Swagger.

The list of new features actually goes on and on… just check it out and see.

Besides, we have worked a lot on data gathering software. While this software is not released, the data we gather and generate is all available in our public deployment. This includes most notably the inclusion of sensors as part of our work on the Internet of Things. More shall come in this area soon.

Oh, and one last thing: we also have a dockerised version for you to use and deploy easily!



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