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John Domingue
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Dave Lambert
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iServe v2 is out

Clearly we have not managed to continuously refresh this site with news of our latest work. The reason for this is that we have been real busy doing loads of improvements and new research as opposed to the what the lack of posts could suggest. Today we are happy to release all such changes as […]

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New Research – Want to contribute?

We have lately been focussing much on automating the discovery and analysis of services on the Web (obviously with a strong focus on Web APIs). This work takes as starting point the Web as it is, with all its mess and the usual lack of rich structured descriptions of services, and aims to provide the […]

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Web API Identification Support

There is quite some time that we have not reported any news but this does not mean that work on iServe has stopped. Far from that. In the last period we have been focussing on fixing existing parts of the infrastructure that were not as polished as one would desire but also on pursuing new […]

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iServe’s code released

After quite some time extending and reengineering iServe, we have finally released its code as open source. The project is hosted in GitHub and is available under Apache license. We hope that others may benefit from our work and certainly welcome any contributions! We will obviously keep maintaining as the reference deployment with the […]

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iServe in the Cloud

A new version of the linked data cloud has been released, see . We are happy to see that this new version includes iServe as the very first system exposing (technical) service descriptions in the Web of Data. Still a small dataset but we are working on this and on many new features.

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iServe presented at ORES – ESWC 2010

iServe was presented for the first time at the ESWC 2010 Workshop on Ontology Repositories and Editors for the Semantic Web – ORES.

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Visit the Wiki

iServe now has its own Wiki page. On it you can find additional information about the system including, for instance, the documentation of its API, future development activities, etc.

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iServe Browser is now available

The iServe Browser is finally publicly available. Use it to browse the contents of iServe’s public deployment.

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